The all wooden church town of Skellefteå, ©Skellefteå
Nyckelharpa, ©Destination Skellefteå
Fiddlers, ©Destination Skellefteå

A genuine tradition
The old, all in wood, church town in Skellefteå is the perfect arena for genuine traditions and northern folklore. During Midsummer local fiddlers, traditional dancing, markets and people of the north spontaneously comes together and bring the old times back to life.

The light of lapland

Light is a huge part of life in Skellefteå and in Swedish Lapland. In winter the dark landscape is illuminated by a pale blue light from stars and moon while the sun barely climb over the horizon. In summer it’s the complete opposite, and that’s probably why we cherish our tradition of Midsummer, that’s when we celebrate summer solstice.

Traditional midsummer in the old church town

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