Stadsfesten in Skellefteå is one of nothern Swedens biggest summer events and attracts every year between 90.000-100.000 visitors during the five days.

In the end of june/beginning of july central Skellefteå is filled with different kinds of music, food from around the world, shows, market, tivoli and much more. During the bright summer evenings and nights, Skellefteå is transformed into a city that never sleeps.

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Opening hours

Dag Plats
2016-06-29 - 2016-07-03 wed - sun - Skellefteå Centrum

Stadsfesten 29/6-3/7

Skellefteå Centrum
93130 Skellefteå
Phone: 0910-377 00
Ticket Inquiries  
Contact: Skellefteå Turistbyrå
Phone: 0910-452515